Requirements and Selection Criteria


Eligibility of students are:

  • Having approved the modules that are required to make the FCT.
  • Have a responsible attitude, mature and autonomous.
  • Having a level of language that allows fluid communication.
  • Have submitted the request in a timely manner.

*Students who show inadequate or negligent behavior will lose their right to participate in the scholarship program and is assigned to the first student from the waiting list.

The criteria for selection of students are:

  • Note from the English module of the first course of the training cycle or the specific English exam of this selection process. 25%
  • Personal interview with the Selection Committee, to evaluate the attitude, interest, motivation, fitness, responsibility, maturity, social skills, commitment in the search for companies and accommodation and the ability to face these types of challenges. 40%
  • Average grade of the first year of the training cycle 25%
  • Belonging to a group with fewer opportunities (socioeconomic situation) 10%

Students who have not been selected will be part of a reserve list, ordered by the same criteria. Preference will be given to students who have not enjoyed previous mobility in the Erasmus+ program at any educational institution..