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siopThe Centre has a Information and Vocational Guidance (SHOP) which is composed of the Department of Information and Vocational Guidance and the Department of Corporate Relations, where are the Guardians of FCT.

The Service informed and guided by the following aspects:

  • Tests access training courses for Intermediate and Advanced Level.
  • Test College Access (PAU)
  • University access from our cycles
  • European Programmes: Erasmus +
  • Oferta Formativa

The Hours Care Service will be announced in October, will be posted on the website of the Center, and placed at the door of Service.

The information can be request of the forms:

Manual Request in a format, to be completed and delivered in the SIOP.

Application through the website Center:

www.cifphesperides.es (SIOP / Contact)

Filled the fields shown and clicking send.

The query will be answered in the within 72 hours by email, from the date of receipt of the request.




http://www.llegarasalto.com/ (FP Portal of the Ministry of Education of the Region of Murcia)