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Explanatory text:

The PFIC HESPERIDES Cartagena has ERASMUS , so our students and Higher Degree module can perform FCT (internships abroad). This program focuses on the formal and informal learning beyond the EU borders, with a clear commitment to internationalization opening to third countries in order to improve educational and training capacities of people to the employability of students, teachers and workers.

This new Erasmus program + is part of the European strategy 2020, in Education and Training Strategy 2020 and strategy "Rethinking Education" and includes all education initiatives, training, Youth and Sport.


The targets set by the Hesperides PFIC for this project have two priorities, smart growth based on knowledge and fostering inclusive growth economy with high employment delivering social and territorial cohesion.

These objectives are:

a) Promote awareness of other cultures and countries actively participating in society of the host country.

b) Develop and foster a sense of European citizenship.

c) Strengthening European skills acquired and acquiring new skills so as to increase the chances of employability in the labor market.

d) Enhance the professional development of trainers, encouraging innovation in teaching.

and) Establish a channel of communication between students and professionals of different nationalities.

f) Increasing skills in foreign languages.


The selection process will be public and open to the entire educational community PFIC Hesperides. Will be posted on the website of the Center. The notice shall include the following information:

  • Objectives and expected results.
  • Duration
  • Economic allocation.
  • Rights and obligations of the parties.
  • Deadlines and application system.
  • Documentation Required.

The selection of participants is carried out in May and is aimed at first year students.

Successful candidates will perform the FCT module abroad the last quarter of the second year.

Following the publication of the call, interested students should apply at the office of the center, within the period prescribed therein. Two tests of language comprehension and written and oral expression are called, and a personal interview.

Once published the provisional scale students have a time limit for the appropriate claims, if. Then, the final scale will be published. This instructs students in order of score. If there are more students than places, a list of reservations will open.

Later, all candidates and reserves the meetings held to organize mobility will convene.


Eligibility of students are:

  • Having approved the modules that are required to make the FCT.
  • Have a responsible attitude, mature and autonomous.
  • Students who show inappropriate behavior or negligent lose their right to participate in the scholarship program and the first student of the waiting list will be assigned.
  • Have submitted the request in a timely manner.
  • Having a level of language that allows fluid communication.

The criteria for selection of students are:

  • Academic record to date assessment of applications (20 %).
  • Ability to communicate in the language of the country (Work or), by performing an oral and written test. (40 %).
  • Personal interview conducted by a committee composed of the Program Coordinator, Tutor student FCT, the head of the Department of links with business and a member of the management team. (motivation and personal maturity is valued). (40 %).
  • Not having previously enjoyed a mobility directed at the same target group. Students in this situation will be sorted according to rating criteria after other students.

Students who are not selected will be part of a waiting list, ordered by the same criteria.

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