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In each academic year of a degree LOE, he student will be graded on the calls. The student does not exceed a professional module in the ordinary call available in the same school during a regular call recovery. To overcome each of the relevant professional modules have a maximum of four calls, regardless of the offer or scheme that curse.

Professional Training module Workplaces (FCT) will be able to be evaluated at the maximum calls. Depending on the time in which student access is decided this professional module, calls will be held in the same or different school year.

Generally, professional project module will be developed simultaneously module On the Job Training, in the following periods:

a) First period:: It will be held in the third quarter of the second academic year of training cycles.

b) Second Period: It will be held in the first quarter of the following academic year to that in which he had conducted the first period, for students who were unable to make professional FCT module in the third quarter of the second year.

For students who joins a degree LOE, having been previously enrolled in the equivalent qualification replaced GLSES, calls that had not consumed shall be computed as he studied the title GLSES.

Students can not promote a second year and have a maximum of three outstanding professional modules first, after exhausting all calls established, may demand a resit these modules. In this case, favorably be estimated Application, the resit will be granted only once with the possibility of being evaluated in a maximum of two occasions.

Renuncia to convocatoria.

In order not to exhaust the limit of calls set for the professional modules, students, or their legal representatives, waive the assessment and rating of one or two calls for the academic year in vocational modules, provided under any of the following circumstances:

a) Prolonged illness or accident of the student.

b) Obligations personal or family appreciated by the management that constrain or prevent normal dedication to study.

c) Performance or joining a job.

The request for the waiver of notice is accepted shall be submitted by filling the model is included as Annex III to the Director of the center, with a notice of at least two months of the final course evaluation or final appraisal module to which waiver is requested.

The center director will resolve the waiver request using the reverse model in Annex III a maximum period of ten days, communicating decision DICHA al interested, leaving documented record of communication. When the decision is negative, it will be motivated, be favorable if the waiver announcement, from the time it becomes effective, not allow students to continue being evaluated.

The reasons invoked for the waiver must be justified always documented.

Cancellation of registration

Students, or their legal representatives, entitled to full tuition waiver, involving the loss of their rights to education, evaluation and assessment of all modules in which professionals had enrolled.

Also, régimen in a distancia, at the time of enrollment the student may request a waiver of tuition for the individual modules. In this case you will lose your rights to education, evaluation and assessment of relevant professional modules.

The tuition waiver requests must be submitted by Annex I model, to the direction of the center in which the student studies curse with a notice of at least two months of end of the corresponding modules for professionals to teach in the school semester. When enrollment module only includes On the Job Training and, if, module project in the LOE cycles, the cancellation request in advance at the beginning of the same.

The tuition waiver requests submitted during the first fifteen school days of the actual start of the course the student, not counted towards the limit laid down in the third instruction, point 2, of this resolution.